Inbound marketing is revolutionizing the way companies sell their customers – and with the best method. The inbound marketing method is so effective because it works in a customer-centric way and basically sells something without aggressively promoting it as an object of sale. I’ve selected five statistics that prove how important inbound marketing is to your business.

We all know cold calls, aggressive advertisements or intrusive sales pitches from the past. In order to respond to the changed attitudes and needs of your customers, you should rather rely on a method that offers your customers  real added value by solving their problems, answering their questions and taking care of their concerns.

1) 86 percent of all B2C marketers already rely on inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is not just any buzzword or empty phrase, but is becoming increasingly important. Those who do not rely on inbound marketing may be left behind by the competition. While 86 percent already rely on inbound in the B2C area, 91 percent of the companies in the B2B area currently do so (via the Content Marketing Institute ).

2) Active blogging makes a positive ROI 13 times more likely

Do you blog regularly? Blogging a little here and there or only when you have the time and inclination is not what inbound marketing is all about. You should sit down with your team and precisely define your customers’ questions and challenges. All your content should be based on these “pain points”. I recommend that you write at least two blog articles a week if you want to get reasonable results (via AkkenCloud ).

3) 80 percent of all company decision-makers prefer to use articles rather than advertisements for information

Believe me, people don’t like it when you just put out clumsy advertising messages. Rather, they want to be understood with their problems and identify with the products or services of your company. If a customer (or even a company decision maker) feels that they are receiving something valuable from you (even if it is “just” a white paper or a checklist), they will be much more likely to be for you than for a later stage in the buyer’s journey Competitive companies decide (via the Content Marketing Institute ).

4) 93 percent of companies that use the inbound method improve their lead generation

Inbound marketing is a fantastic way to generate leads , but what’s even better, it saves you around 62 percent of the cost compared to traditional outbound marketing. No wonder that inbound is becoming increasingly popular. Generate more leads at lower costs and rely on the effect of inbound marketing. (via HubSpot )

5) 94 percent of the links that users click are organic

This also means that PPC (pay-per-click, often Google ADWords) only accounts for 6 percent of all search engine clicks. So if you are still spending the largest part of your marketing budget on PPC, then you should rethink quickly. Instead, it is better to offer high-quality content that includes all possible search queries (keyword: longtail keywords) that your desired customers ( buyer personas ) use in search engines to find a solution to their problem. It is worthwhile if you and your team brainstorm to find the most promising keywords (via eConsultancy )


Inbound marketing is not about the application of pure sales tactics, large-scale advertising campaigns or cold calling. It’s much more about creating valuable and tailored content – content that your customers love. If you would like to learn more about the inbound marketing method and how you can get more customers online, I recommend you download our free whitepaper “Lead generation in online marketing”.

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