Which is better: a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors?

Bagged vacuums have a slightly easier operation, as the dirt from the sucked air passes directly through the tube and into the bag. Obviously, once this is full, the suction begins to decrease.

The main disadvantage of bagged vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors is the ongoing expense you will have to spend on disposable bags. Although there are models that have reusable bags, these must be washed and dried before using them again.

waterproof vinyl plank flooring

Bagless vacuums work with a cyclonic air system that sucks in dust, traps it in a filter, and returns clean air. The debris is trapped in a tank that is removable and easy to clean the best stick vacuum for vinyl floors. Obviously, this mechanism will save you money buying bags.

However, you should keep in mind that these vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors require frequent emptying of the filter since without having a bag, the particles can go directly to the motor mechanism and damage it.

Which is better: an upright or sled vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors?

In terms of power and results, both models offer a wide range of products that are of very good quality. So choosing an upright or sled vacuum for vinyl plank floors will depend on other factors. One of the most important is space, that is, verticals tend to take up less space when storing them thanks to their parking position. Therefore, they can be a good option if you don’t have a lot of storage space.

For its part, sled vacuum cleaners vinyl plank floor do not require charging, so you can always use them: you just have to plug it in and go. In contrast, upright vacuums require charging the battery. This process can take several hours, which can limit the cleaning routine, but afterward, they are autonomous and cleaning is much easier without the need to be moving cables and changing from plug to socket.

Which is better: a cordless or corded vacuum cleaner?

waterproof vinyl plank flooring

A cordless vacuum cleaner has the biggest advantage: it allows you to move around more easily. It doesn’t matter how big the area is. That is why they are highly recommended for large homes, but also for small ones since you do not have to worry about the length of the cable, and having to disconnect and connect it many times during cleaning.

However, corded vacuums today offer designs that are also very comfortable, such as long cable lengths, as well as caster wheels that help make mobilizing equipment convenient. In addition, they do not require recharging batteries.

Is there a vacuum cleaner that works by itself?

The future is today. That a little robot cleaning your house automatically is no longer part of science fiction or a Black Mirror chapter.

Smart robot vacuum cleaners have been on the market for just over ten years and are getting better and cheaper. They are usually round or oval, similar to a disk, and have autonomy of movement. 

Although not all, more and more leading brands are launching their own robot vacuum cleaners, so it is likely that the offer will only grow and we have a fairly wide catalog of models.

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