SEO strategies are constantly evolving and trends are coming and going at ever shorter intervals. In this article we would like to show you 6 SEO trends of the current and coming year. Even Google responds to these trends , so these changes can be crucial for your ranking. 

1. Voice Search

The advancement of digitization and constantly improving technologies influence the way people use search engines. The number of users of mobile devices for entertainment, information and work purposes is continuously increasing. In addition, many people tend to use the speech recognition feature of search engines. Shelter Tent-car parking shades suppliers has effectively used this strategy and found considerable increase in SEO rankings, google maps and overall rankings.

As the name suggests, voice search refers to the practice of performing a search by speaking the search terms rather than typing them in on the keyboard. 

A poll conducted by everywhere shows that more than 20 percent of Germans use voice search week. 60 percent of the private individuals surveyed see voice search as a future-proof topic.

At the same time, only 4.55 percent of the 10,000 companies surveyed stated that they had optimized their online presence with regard to voice search. 

Voice search ready company chart
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Most voice searches are specific and based on specific geographic locations. It is therefore essential to provide your address and location. Local SEO plays a big role here. Furthermore, simple answer structures such as bullet lists and the use of bullet points increase your chances of a good ranking. 

2. Influencer SEO

The trend is towards influencer marketing. Studies show that around 17 percent of large companies spend more than 50 percent of their total marketing budget on influencers for SEO. The importance of influencer marketing is therefore easy to understand.

The trend is particularly noticeable among brands from the fields of beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and e-commerce.

This form of SEO can be viewed as a hybrid of inbound and outbound marketing. Classic outbound advertising is placed quickly and repetitively and tends to lead to overstimulation among the recipients. It triggers a feeling of rejection instead of arousing interest and creating a desire to buy. What the audience wants is real information from sources of authority. Reviews from reputable influencers are considered valued and trustworthy.

But where does inbound marketing come from? into play here?

Partnerships with influencers increase your online visibility and generate traffic on your website. The generated backlinks , which you receive from the influencer’s websites, underline your authority over Google and support your SEO efforts. Influencer marketing is often associated with high costs, but if done correctly, it can cause your traffic to skyrocket.

3. Video content

A crucial part of any SEO strategy and effort in digital marketing is video content.

Google attaches great importance to videos. It is very likely that these will be displayed on the first page of results as a link with simple text.

Consider creating your own video library or YouTube channel so that you can offer helpful content to your prospects and customers at all times. The content shown there should complement or deepen the content of your website. In this way, you can support your prospects by creating content once to continue on their customer journey.

Embed the videos on your web pages and share them on your blog. 

4. Ease of use

The user experience on your website is becoming increasingly important and can be customized in many ways. Make sure that all of your customization is in line with your image and corporate identity. Current trends to be named are:

  • Linking photos and graphics
    This mixture generates a higher level of attention and gives you the opportunity to design these elements interactively for your visitors. 
  • Unconventional structure of the page
    Small surprise effects and a presentation that stands out from the crowd have an activating effect and increase the interest of the visitors. For example, break up the usual page flow by not scrolling your page from top to bottom, but from left to right.
  • Dark Mode
    The Dark Mode (also known as dark mode) enables users to convert your website to a dark design. In this way you create a feeling of individuality and you can highlight special content on your site through the higher contrast. In addition, a dark design is perceived as pleasant in low ambient lighting. 
  • Abstract shapes and bold colors
    Loosen up your website by using asymmetrical shapes and using high contrast colors. The mixture of a minimalist design and selectively placed, bright colors is also considered appealing and will be remembered.

5. Content length

You only have a chance of a top ranking within the SERP with high-quality content that creates added value.

But good content is not the only decisive factor for your online presence; the quantity of your content also plays an important role. There are tons of discussions on the web about the optimal length of a blog post, and the recommended number of characters varies between 300 and 2000 characters.

Make sure your posts provide answers to readers’ questions and also cover other possible questions, and adjust the length of the post accordingly. Content-wise valuable contributions are reflected in a longer stay on the page. Based on this, optimization measures can also be derived for existing contributions. 

6. Mobile search

A study by Postbank shows that the use of smartphones to surf the Internet has increased by almost 40 percent since 2015. This is the most widely used device (79 percent), ahead of laptops and PCs. The study also shows that over 40 percent of Internet transactions are now processed using smartphones.

The importance of smartphones and the corresponding SEO for mobile devices should therefore not be underestimated. Furthermore, Google is also reacting to this development. After the introduction of the Mobile First Index for all new pages in July 2019, the search engine will crawl all pages from March 2021 exclusively using their mobile version. take into account both the on-page SEO and the technical aspects. The interplay of long-tail keywords, responsive design and rich snippets are just an excerpt from the many options that are available to you for comprehensive optimization. 


The world of search engine optimization keeps turning at an increasing rate. New trends and updates to the Google algorithm require a clearly defined SEO strategy to maintain your online presence. Stand out from the crowd with individual designs and offer mobile-optimized content that creates added value for your prospects. 

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