Wendy Lister | Real Estate WA: Waterfront and Luxury Homes for Sale
Below is a collection of digital real estate tours presented by Wendy M. Lister. By clicking on each of the photos or addresses, you can open its' digital book which provides information about the property and displays the best quality photography for your viewing. Don't miss Wendy's Faces + Places in the back of some pictorials. These additions describe nearby communities including photos of schools, parks, shopping, etc. for people to familiarize themselves with a property's surroundings.

mercer island waterfront homes Bellevue
5330 Butterworth Road, Mercer Island
5 92nd Ave NE, Bellevue

                    Island - Smugglers Cove

Issaquah Highlands

3288 Smugglers Cove Rd, Whidbey Island
3510 NE Harrison Drive


West of Market

17017 Talbot Road, Edmonds
330 7th Ave W, Kirkland



5825 245th Place NE
16345 Tiger Mtn Rd SE